The first YO partnership I’ve seen so far. 

Who’s going to try it? 

"The point of life is getting s**t done and being happy" - Kanye via Lifehacker via gq

Personalization/customization is so important to Apple’s younger market(s), this ad seems right on the mark. It’s easy to customize an iPhone with the infinite array of cases available. Stickering a laptop builds a deeper bond between owner and device and gets your device more noticed by others. I’m guessing this is already a trend Apple picked up on, but even if it isn’t, it’s a great prompt to kick start the behavior. 


A sort of strange ad for Apple. But not a bad one. Quite fun. Nice Heisenberg shout-out as well as old logo throw-back at the end. Do I smell a comeback?

So Facebook’s taking Mobile Ad market share from everyone besides Google? (via)

"Google, once a mere search engine, has decided it wants to invest in same-day-delivery trucks and connected home appliances. Amazon, which used to be content with e-commerce, is making phones and experimental drones. Facebook recently spent $2 billion on a maker of virtual-reality headsets. And Apple is trying to fix health-care data while it works on the iPhone 6."
— Nice high-level perspective on big shifts/ambitions in tech industry, found here

one night to push and scream.

and then relief.

""Your ability to become a successful entrepreneur is about taking your current “informed pessimism” idea and turning the corner into “informed optimism”. If every time you get to the disappointing “informed pessimism” stage, you impatiently hop back to a new idea at ‘uninformed optimism’, you’ll get caught in a never ending cycle. You have to be patient long enough with your idea to see if you are able to turn the corner." - Vinicius Vacanti"
"Certain models will be labeled as Uber-compatible (or whatever network is in place). Buy that car and with a few clicks, the car starts earning its keep. When you’re at work or asleep or otherwise engaged, it moonlights and drives other folks around. The combination of security cameras in your car and rider registration pretty much guarantees that your car isn’t going to come back wrecked. It’s not hard to imagine organizations building fleets to profit from this (a medallion replacement) but it also becomes economically irresistible to the individual as well."